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This line marking paint is the most advanced, ready-to-use line marking paint. No mixing and no pouring of the paint is required as the paint is applied direct from its bag or container without the addition of any water.

Impact XP

Environmentally friendly paint for playing fields and sports courts. The paint is developed for the Glider machines and can be applied with cone as well as flat fan nozzles. It allows you to re-mark a standard soccer/hockey field from as little as 2.5 litres of paint.

Why the Impact XP is unique

  • Can re-mark a soccer/hockey field from 2.5 litre per field. An operator can re-mark up to 8 fields without having to return to the main base.
  • Impact XP liquid paint now comes in a unique easily disposable 5 litre plastic bag. This has a sealable spout, enabling the paint to be applied directly from the container. After use - put on the lid and use again and again. When empty, the bag can simply be disposed of with standard waste.
  • The formulation offers a high level of water resistance. It can be applied on wet grass - even in light rain! Under normal weather condition (dry) the paint will dry in 5 minutes.
  • Atomisation of paint due to the use of a fine nozzle produces a smaller particle size. Smaller particle production results in a greater surface area and therefore better coverage. Finer particle size also means improved water resistance.
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Product data sheet for Impact XP (PDF)
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