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The Glider was developed by consulting numerous Estate managers who wanted the best equipment for line marking and pitch-care. The machine is really easy to set-up, operate, and clean after use. With simple, yet effective accessories, the Glider can easily be converted to apply paint at athletic tracks or, to spray fertilizers. The Glider comes with simple on-off power button, heavy duty pump, rechargeable battery, marker discs and a variety of the specially designed cone nozzles. No more tanks to clean as you spray the Impact XP paint directly from the drum onto the field. The cleaning process of the glider takes no longer than 20 sec and can be stored away for future marking.

A Timesaver

Using Impact XP, you can re-mark 4 Rugby and 4 Soccer/Hockey fields without having to return to a central base!.


Glider technical data sheet (PDF)

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