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The Glider was developed by estate managers/grounds men – for estate managers/grounds men who want the best equipment for line marking and pitch care . When acquainted with the machine you will be surprised by its capabilities.

The frame is robust, which makes it easy to maintain the orientation while still being easy to manoeuvre. The free-hanging side discs ensure that the line has the same width even at extremely uneven sports grounds.

The line marking machine can work with pressures from 40 to approximately 100 psi at the nozzle head. It's just a matter of finding the combination of pressure and nozzle to suit your sports ground. With a line of 10 cm width it is possible to re-mark a soccer/hockey field with as little as 1.5 litres of paint.

The machines can be used with a variety of nozzles depending on paint speed of walking with the machine, level of paint to be applied etc. The impact XP paint will ensure the highest quality and durable white lines for sport grounds available in South Africa.

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